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Kent May 4 Center, based in Kent, Ohio, is the leading national & international organization seeking truth & justice regarding the Kent State massacre of May 4, 1970. Four students were killed and nine students were wounded when the Ohio National Guard fired 67 gunshots at 12:24pm during an anti-war confrontation on the Kent State University campus. 


We also seek to provide the best educational information for students, researchers, historians, scholars, news media and all others seeking evidence, facts, eyewitness quotations, investigative reports, photographs and more about the Kent State tragedy of 1970.


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Our longstanding Kent May 4 Center Director is Alan Canfora -- the recognized leader of the May 4 Movement for Kent State truth and justice based in Kent, Ohio. Alan Canfora was a leader of the 1970 Kent State students' anti-war revolt, an eyewitness and casualty of the shooting incident and the acknowledged leading expert about the Kent state tragedy of May 4, 1970.  


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Since 1970, the central mystery surrounding the Kent State shootings has remained:


        "Out of 76 national guardsmen on the scene, why did a dozen men suddenly and simultaneously stop, turn and fire 67 gunshots from a campus hilltop down into a crowd of distant anti-war students killing four at distances hundreds of feet away?"


Ohio National Guard commanders have always denied they ordered the deadly gunfire and shifted the blame onto the lowly triggermen they commanded to shoot and kill students on May 4, 1970, at Kent State University on a sunny, spring afternoon.  It can be argued the burden of history has remained shifted upon the shooters rather than the commanders who ordered the deadly gunfire.


We have reason to believe some of the guardsmen remain burdened by the tremendous historical guilt forced upon them by commanders who issued and concealed their shouted orders to "Fire!" It is now clear that these guardsmen were victimized by their commanding officers in addition to those who shed their blood at Kent State on May 4, 1970.


Our longstanding goal is to stop the Kent State cover-up by proving the epic massacre was based upon a verbal military command to fire deadly weapons into a crowd of unarmed students. In recent years, effective research by Kent May 4 Center has discovered and revealed long overlooked, hidden or suppressed evidence -- undeniable forensic recorded evidence -- digital audio proof of the shouted military command to kill Kent State students.


At this time, we do not seek punishment or revenge against those guardsmen who were ordered to shoot & kill Kent State students in 1970. In fact, we hope those guardsmen will now join our quest to establish historical truth so future similar incidents may be prevented.


Soon, in the very near future as we implement our plan of action, we will complete our mission when the government finally agrees with our proof the massacre was intentional and based upon a verbal order to "FIRE!"


NOTE: Kent May 4 Center is recognized since 1989 as a non-profit, tax-exempt, educational charity by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), category 501(c)(3), so all donations to Kent May 4 Center are tax-exempt.