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Kent May 4 Center can provide expert information regarding the Kent State tragedy of 1970 and related issues for students, teachers, researchers, news media and others.


Our Director, Alan Canfora, is recognized as the leading expert about the 1970 events he witnessed as a prominent protester and as an injured casualty of the tragedy. Canfora was shot through his right wrist and was a plaintiff in the 1970-1979 courtroom drama seeking truth & justice.


Kent May 4 Center Director Alan Canfora also has been the most diligent researcher and discovered the most significant new evidence since 1970 proving the Kent State shooting incident was the result of a military command to kill unarmed Kent State students.


Our Kent May 4 Center Director Alan Canfora has lectured on over 200 US college & university campuses regarding the Kent State tragedy as well as the history of American student activism. Canfora remains a student-organizer and student activism advocate.


Alan Canfora is available for interviews by Skype and phone only, not email. On occasion, Alan Canfora can also lead educational tours of the historical May 4 shooting site on the Kent State campus.


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Finally, our intention is to gather & offer massive amounts of factual information to provide online for worldwide educational purposes. Stay tuned as we soon upload and offer a tremendous amount of information including rare photographs and investigation documents unavailable elsewhere on the internet.


Our new web site here is where the action is during months and years to come.


Check here often for updates.