Kent May 4 Center

2015 Kent State SCHEDULE of

May 1 – 4 Commemoration events:

May 1: 7pm:   Documentary film & music show at Kent Stage in downtown Kent -- final edit of film “Fire in the Heartland”, with focus upon KSU anti-war activism 1968-1970 including eyewitness descriptions of the massacre. The only film focused upon the roots of rebellion & the massacre at Kent State. *Also, live music performance by the band Half Cleveland featuring 1970 Kent student Chris Butler & his new album, “Easy Life” about Kent 1970. Order tickets now! Seriously.

May 1, 8pm – 2am:    Live music at Stone Tavern in downtown Kent featuring reggae master Carlos Jones & others. Age 21+ only.

May 2, Noon – 4pm: educational workshops at KSU Student Center on campus:                        Noon, room 309, Conflict Resolution with Jacqueline Bleak;    

            1 pm, room 318, Muslim Student Association;                                                                   

             2pm, room 309, Women’s Activism with Candy Knox (1968-69 Kent SDS leader);                        

            3pm, room 318, Black United Students                                                                  

            4pm,  room 309, KSU student activism, past & present, 1969 SDS & 2015 M4TF. 

May 2, 8pm – 2am: free live music show by the legendary Numbers Band (15-60-75) at the Venice Café,  *suggestion: old-timers, get there early for table or seat, this place will be packed*  See also:

May 3:                                                                                                                                                 1pm-2pm: KSU Student Center, room TBA: documentary film screening with intro by Elizabeth Winters of Hanover College.;      

2pm-3pm, KSU Student Center, room TBA: authors panel featuring 1970 KSU eyewitness Lois Van Buren & 13 Seconds book authors Joe Eszterhas & Michael Roberts;                          

4pm-6pm: KSU Student Center Kiva Auditorium: discussion of new book, Kent State: Death & Dissent in the Long Sixties, featuring author Tom Grace, moderator Laura Davis, 1960’s KSU activists Barbara Brock & Ken Hammond, author Greg Wilson & historian Kenneth Bindas;    

6:30-9pm: KSU Student Center Kiva Auditorium: Vietnam Veterans Panel Discussion with intro by Paul Chappell of the Nuclear Peace Foundation;                                                            

11pm-midnight: 45th Annual Candlelight March, gather at the Victory Bell, KSU Commons, silent march around campus Prentice Hall Parking Lot where students were killed.

May 4: noon-2pm, KSU Commons 45th Annual May 4 Commemoration: featuring Dick Gregory as keynote speaker and other speakers & musicians (if rain, KSU Student Center Ballroom);

May 4, 3pm-4pm, room 200 in White Hall, documentary film, “The Story of the Kent State Shootings”, by KSU professor Drew Tiene featuring 1970 massacre eyewitness interviews.